【総ツッコミ状態!?】ワイルドスピード/スーパーコンボ – 海外の評価は?

Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw (2019)

(*゚ー゚) Lin: 。。。う~ん、えーっと。。。


 Fast & Furiousって、なんの映画だったっけ?

(=゚ω゚) Lan: ん?もちろん、Car Racingの映画。


Fast & Furious (originally The Fast and the Furious) is a media franchise centered on a series of action films that are largely concerned with illegal street racing, heists and spies.
Fast & Furious – Wikipedia

(*゚ー゚) Lin: ん?

 Street racing…?


開き直ったWild Avengers

 Fast & Furious(ワイルドスピード)9作目で、初の派生作品(spinoff)です。
 原題は、『Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw』

(=゚ω゚) Lan: いや、内容の前にさー、この「わいるどすぴーどすーぱーこんぼ」っていう「たかなわげーとうぇい」並みのヒドイ中学生英語の邦題どうにかならなかったのか。。。

(*゚ー゚) Lin: 内容もなかなかだと思うんだけど。。。


 7作目『SKY MISSION』と8作目『ICE BREAK』で対峙したHobbs (Dwayne Johnson) とShaw (Jason Statham) の二人。

(=゚ω゚) Lan: Street Racing 。。。だよね、きっとこれ。

(*゚ー゚) Lin: 殺人ウイルスで人類を支配しようとする「悪の組織」出てますよー!!

(=゚ω゚) Lan: もう5作目ぐらいから、Avengersとずっと揶揄されていたせいか、ついに開き直った感じだね。

(*゚ー゚) Lin: 当然のようにコメント欄も総ツッコミ状態。。。

Hobbs and shaw should meet the avengers in the next movie

“The virus that can punish half of population”
Thanos :”No… Wait… That’s mine!!!”

REMEMBER THIS COMMENT: On the next movie, they’ll go into space and fight aliens.

The Hobbs and The Shaw
2 Hobbs 2 Shaws
The Hobbs and The Shaw: Tokyo Drift
Hobbs and Shaw
Hobbs 5
Shaw 6
Hobbs and Shaw 7
The Hobbs of the Shaw
Hobbs and Shaw: Get Married

The hell happend to the original fast and furious

So Fast & Furious now has a Cinematic Universe???

(=゚ω゚) Lan: あれ?監督は、『Deadpool 2』を手掛けたDavid Leitchなんだね。

 Deadpool役のRyan Reynoldsも出てるじゃん!

(*゚ー゚) Lin: あれ?これ、ほんとにMarvel作品作る気だったんじゃないの。。。微かな疑惑が。。。

(=゚ω゚) Lan: いや、ホントに、Iron Man (Idris Elba) 出てるよっ‼


Am I the only one that hears transformers sound effects?

Engineer: What abilities do you want your bike to have
Brixton: How about making it able to lower itself and making it drivable from behind while i’m dragging my feet on the ground. You know, just in case i might need such ability.

Brixton’s motorcycle is so stylish and awesome.

(*゚ー゚) Lin: やっぱり、コメント欄は大喜利状態だねぇ。。。



 もうHobbsは、Captain AmericaとHulkを足して、3で掛けたような超人に。💪

The Rock’s audition for the role of Captain America

Totally didn’t steal captain Americas heli scene

The fun thing is that the helicopter in this scene is over 4 times the weight of the helicopter in civil war

Physics has left the chat……


So who’s the idiot who came up with the idea to use hackable guns?
 -The writers, probably.

“How long before the guns get back online”
Yeah, that sentence doesn’t sound right…
 -it does If you watch the terrible movie

If you were to tell me that The Fast and Furious franchise would one day end up with super bio soldiers leading an army from a cyber terrorist organization to fight against an entire clan of primitive weapon wielding villagers, I’d probably believe you.
 -Imagine we went time travel to 2001 and telling people this movie.


 1作目のfanからは叩かれ、Marvel fanからは揶揄され、さんざんな大喜利コメントを大量に付けられていますが、映画自体は非常に好評。


It’s not a plot you haven’t seen before and you need to suspend your disbelief on some action scenes and plot elements (like most of the Fast & Furious movies), but is it entertaining? Yes. Hobbs and Shaw is like an a cheesy 80s action movie made in 2019 that embraces it’s almost silly plot and makes for an fun action movie that is aided by the chemistry of Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham and some entertaining over-the-top action scenes.



 多々ツッコミどころがありながらも、やっぱり、Dwayne JohnsonとJason Stathamのaction sceneはスゴイっ!!